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Dân oan Hồ Giang Mỹ Lệ kể lại buổi làm việc với CA Q.4 - The ordeal of the poor innocent unjustly treated woman being interogated by the Vietnamese police agents

"...Nó hỏi bộ đồ tang này chị đem theo để làm gì. Tôi nói đồ tang này là bộ đồ tang tóc, tan nhà nát cửa, vợ chồng tan nát. Nó hỏi tại sao chị đi cái ngày này? Tôi nói ngày 30 tháng 4 là Ngày Quốc Hận của Dân Oan Việt Nam chúng tôi. Tại sao chị nói cái ngày 30 tháng 4 là Ngày Quốc Hận? Tôi trả lời ngày 30 tháng 4, 39 năm giải phóng cho ai? Có phải giải phóng cho dân tụi tui không hay là giải phóng cho cái chế độ đảng cộng sản này? Nếu mà giải phóng cho chúng tôi thì ngày giờ này 30 tháng 4 chúng tôi đã ở nhà chúng tôi ăn mừng chứ không thể nào chúng tôi đi ra ngoài đường đây để chúng tôi cầm biểu ngữ chúng tôi giăng chúng tôi đi như một bà điên..."

Dân oan Hồ Giang Mỹ Lệ làm việc với nhóm công an Quận 4. 

Ai là người đã lên tiếng xúi dục bà đi biểu tình đòi trả đất đai nhà cửa bị cướp?: Chủ Tịch Trương Tấn Sang và Thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng

Đoạn video clip quay lại lời kể của bà Hồ Giang Mỹ Lệ về buổi tra hỏi tại cơ quan công an Quận 4 sau khi bà bị nhóm 5 tên công an côn đồ con nít tuổi 20 bắt và hành hung tàn bạo trong xe thùng cảnh sát. 

Clip video này được thực hiện sau khi bà kể lại câu chuyện bà đi biểu tình, bị hành hung và bị đưa về công an Quận 1 đã được phổ biến trên các trang mạng ngày 01/05/2014 và về nơi tạm trú nghỉ tịnh dưỡng các vết thương và cơ thể bị bọn công an quận 4 đánh bầm dập:

Dù trong tình cảnh cơ thể của bị ê ẩm sau trận đòn hội đồng của bọn công an choi choi tay sai, bà vẫn hiên ngang anh dũng kể lại cuộc đối thoại trực diện với bọn công an “hèn với giặc Tàu ác với dân mình”. 

Bà không phải bị bọn công an hạch hỏi điều tra mà chính bà là người hạch tội và tố ngược lại bọn chỉ biết còn đảng còn tiền.

Bản lược dịch tiếng Anh những lời kể của bà Mỹ Lệ:

Ms Hồ Giang Mỹ Lệ is resting to sooth her pains caused by the severe beatings from the Vietnamese communist police agents

Mrs Hồ Mỹ Lệ is really in the very bad shape

Mrs Mỹ Lệ: Yesterday, on 30 April they (VC police agents) beat me so cruelly and inhumanly. Today my whole body is aching all over. I was forced into a special room in the 4th District. The police interrogated me about the reasons of wearing weepers

Police agent (P.A):Where were the weepers from?

I replied to them that they are the result created by this regime. In the previous regime (Republic of Vietnam), we did not know the term "unjustly treated citizen".

They took out the set of sackclothes and asked me:

P.A: what is the purpose of wearing these sackclothes

I answered to them that these clothes are for mourning. Mourning for the lost of our lands and the wrecking of our homes caused by the policies of this regime, for the separation of husband , wife and children.

They then askes me: "Why you chose this day to protest?"

I replied: "the day 30 April was the National Day of Wrath and Sorrow of our unjustly treated citizens".

They asked: "why you say thay the day 30 April was the National day of Wrath and Sorrow?"

I argued with them.

They raised their voice: "Why you argue against me .You only answer directly about the question I put to you?"

I said that the day 30 April is the National Day of Wrath and resentment. In the last 39 years who were liberated in South Vietnam? Were our people liberated? Were we, ordinary people in South Vietnam were liberated, or this communist party and this communist regime were liberated? If we were the ones being liberated then this day 30 April we should stay at home and celebrate this occasion, not wandering on the street in Saigon to hold protesting banners, asking for true justice, like insane people.

They asked me why we went to the area of the US embassy? Where else you went to stage your protest? I replied that we staged our protest at 4 Le Duan St

I then asked them back: "do you know the place with number 4 Le Duan St?"

They said: "the US embassy". Then they asked: "Why you go to the US embassy to raise the complains? why you didn't go to lodge the complains in the right places?"

I said: "lodge the complains at the right place and no one cares to resolve!" You all already know clearly that this Vietnamese communist party has been causing the country's economy collapsing. The country is deeply in debt, corruption has reached to the uncontrollable state in all levels of this communist government, the incidents of innocent people were murdered by security forces are getting worse. Now the top communist party members have called for help from the world community to allow Vietnam to enter TPP so they can get assistance to salvage the country from being bankrupted. Like the top communist leaders are asking for assistance from the US, we, unjustly treated citizens, also go to get help from the US President Obama to help us.

They said that we were incited by others!

I pointed my finger directly to theirfaces and said: "you call Mr Trương Tấn Sang and Mr Nguyễn Tấn Dũng! They are the ones who incited us”. It was them who said that (you) have to protect unjustly treated citizens who come out to inform about corruptions.

Have you protected us or you collaborate with those corrupted officials and turn around and order your junior secret agents attacking and beating us?

Now we know the dark side of the communist regime. I tell you the truth. Right from the first day of making official complaint against unlawful land grapping, I knew that I will be attacked, bashed , or imprisoned, or being murdered by the communist police and the thugs. Every time before leaving home I remind my husband that if in the future I was killed, that is the result of the actions of this communist regime. I told this right at the faces of those communist interrogators taking notes of the questionings. I told them that "we Vietnamese rather die with dignity and live with shame and humiliation". You people take notice. You treat people satanically now then later you will get the same and even worse in return. I told them so much. They told me that someone have instigated us into the protesting activities.

I said: "You people have instigated us! your communist party has coached us to do this, no one else. You crawl to the enemy (China) but satanic to your own kind, the Vietnamese civilians. You treat ordinary people like rubbish, like weeds. You rob from us in broad daylight. In the end you gag and kill us to shut off our protests. You must see with your eyes, five or six of you attacked and bashed me.

You must know how low your communist party is.You people are so crruel and evil! With only me alone only one of you can kill me but you used 5, 6 strong and bulky thugs to attack and bash me.

You must know how low your communist party is. You people are so crruel and evil! With only me alone only one of you can kill me but you used 5, 6 strong and bulky thugs to attack and bash me.

The photos you took tell all the truth and no need for me to tell more, the whole world already knew your satanic actions against innocent civilians.

They already how this communist party treats and cares for the Vietnamese people.

I plea with the world to pressure the Vietnamese communist government so ou people could have real human rights, real freedom, real democracy. Because they (VC) always bloat that Vietnam has human rights but the reality is taht we never have human rights. They keep on bloating that the people is the most important core of the country. But they treat the people even worse than animals. You just look, we are all weak women but they cruelly tackled us in group of 5,6 bulky young thugs against one of us like a pack of wild animals on a prey. That is how they always bloat that they are for the people and because of the people. I demand Mr 

Trương Tấn Sang, you are the President of the country. You please stand up for our right. We have listened to your advice to stand up and denounce corrupt activities of government officials and their collaborator interest groups. And now we are attacked, bashed and tortured like this by your police forses. You please look at our fates, look at the photos recording us being attacked. Your own communist party is killing the people like that. Now we have to plea and beg the world community to force the communist party to do the right thing as they have always bloated. In order we could have true human rights, true freedom. true democracy. So our families could reunite and return to peaceful and normal happy life. Without fear of being robbed by the authorities collaborating with interest groups, and no more protesting and complaining, no more living on the street fighting for the returning of our lands and properties.

Thank you, thank (Mr Trưong Tấn Sang)

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